I know it makes many of the people who knew me in my teens and early twenties confused when they read this blog or hear about my life in Africa for the last… Continue reading

When Flies Persist…

I had fallen. The wound was gaping and spilling blood across the floor. I needed a doctor. I chose to clean it, wrap it and wait it out. A month passed…it oozed. It… Continue reading

The Latest

Friends, it is cooling down here on the island, which means the high is 86 instead of 89, and people around us are enjoying the abundance of rice and fish that define April… Continue reading

Celebration in the Village

I was about to participate in another traditional Sakalava ritual. The ground was swept clean and covered with grass mats, the mango and guava trees had been cut back, and a beautiful entrance… Continue reading

The Meaning of Words

We continue to praise God for bringing Hudson Quinn into the world on February 18th. He is a blessing to our family and we look forward to the years God gives us to… Continue reading

Getting Caught Up

We have arrived safely in Antananarivo, where we will remain until the little one is born, God willing. It has been a few weeks since our last post, so let me get you… Continue reading

The long journey…and where will the baby be born?

Where did October go…and November? We traveled…and traveled…5 airplanes one-way, 6 taxi buses, a few trams; across the continent of Africa, over the Atlantic Ocean and south to the Dominican Republic. We spent… Continue reading

No Longer New

The question on my mind as we prepared to host our second outreach event in the village was, “Are they going to come back?” We knew the first event would be well attended… Continue reading

The Lingering Question

We have now had two public gatherings, each in a different village. Ladys and the band continue to create songs from translated Sakalava scripture (They have recently created a story song from Genesis… Continue reading

Going Public

We woke up last Sunday with anticipation for the day. A feeling inside that can be described as a ‘stirring deep within’…God was up to something…heart related…we could all sense it. Kids, we’re… Continue reading

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