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Learning to live…

Learning to live in the village requires us to take notice of what is happening with our neighbors, the life of the community and the rhythm of their responsibilities. Recently, Bryan and I… Continue reading

Hut, Sweet Hut

For the past couple of weeks we have been back in our hut with the goal of making it home. There are a few things that have been left unfinished and the local… Continue reading

House Guests for a Week

We only slept in our new home for 2 nights before we went on another journey… this time just down the trail to stay for a week with a village family. we were… Continue reading

Here We Are

From Austin to Atlanta…Atlanta to London…London to Johannesburg….Johannesburg to Antananarivo…Antananarivo to Nosy Be…Nosy Be to Ambanja…Ambanja back to Nosy Be and into the shelter of our village hut surrounded by pineapple plants, mango… Continue reading

Do you have any absolute, non-negotiables?

How do you cope under circumstances where it’s best if you stop talking out of a perspective of  one “who knows” and start listening from a perspective whose absolutes truly simmer down to… Continue reading

Give us the boot…

Waiting stateside for ministry placement abroad to come about can be awkward. How so? For more than three years now we have talked about ministry in Africa, waited for God to make clear… Continue reading

What are you “waiting” for?

Have you ever had to wait so long for something that you thought you might just as well give up?  Unfortunately, I have to admit that I am notorious for grumbling during times… Continue reading

Queens Partnership

Why were we invited to Queens, NY?  God is up to something.  Not long ago, Bryan received an e-mail notifying him that Covenant Church in Queens, NY wanted to learn more about our… Continue reading

Speaking Honestly

I praise God for Bryan’s graduation from Covenant Seminary.  He finished with an MA in Religion and Cultures, magna cum laude.  The year and a half that we were there went quickly and… Continue reading

In Process…

Hi Friends and Family- It’s been snowing lately and we’ve been taking the kids out in it a lot…sore muscles…but enjoying all of the sledding, snowmen and snowball fights!  I love the kids… Continue reading

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