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The long journey…and where will the baby be born?

Where did October go…and November? We traveled…and traveled…5 airplanes one-way, 6 taxi buses, a few trams; across the continent of Africa, over the Atlantic Ocean and south to the Dominican Republic. We spent… Continue reading

Going Public

We woke up last Sunday with anticipation for the day. A feeling inside that can be described as a ‘stirring deep within’…God was up to something…heart related…we could all sense it. Kids, we’re… Continue reading

What do you treasure?

Foreign culture has the ability to put the missionary at their wits end…transforming personalities, and leaving missionary parents grasping for a reason to delight in their children. On the flip side, foreign culture… Continue reading


For what do you toil after? My neighbors toil up to their knees in mud, head high in corn stalks and swamped by thick rice fields. How do they toil? With grace in… Continue reading

Insights to worldview (death and the afterlife)…

Living in the village…to put it simply…has been hard. I’m so different from my neighbors and yet in many ways so much the same. A highlight of my time here and the greatest… Continue reading

The Journey

January in Nosy Be… rain falling, rice growing, and language learning. We have been told that January and February are miserable here, with nothing but hot days interrupted by thunderstorms. But being from… Continue reading

One Weird, New Year’s Missionary Idea…(and other thoughts)

I sit down to write a blog and wish that I had the right message to share with you. Truly, I get anxiety (although that’s not surprising if you know me well enough)… Continue reading

God’s rule over injustice gives us hope

It was team day and we were gathered together in the neighboring jungle where our teammates reside, about an hour walk from our home. The day before there had been rioting related to… Continue reading

Down at the river…

Each week I pile up a basin of dirty laundry, a couple packets of laundry detergent, a bar of laundry soap, softener (a fine luxury), a large cup and a hand scrubber. I’ve… Continue reading

Rest in his faithfulness…

After 3 months of settling in to village life and immersion language study our team has arrived at the end of our first unit. What does that mean? Well, quite honestly, for me… Continue reading

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