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Try Rethinking Your Thoughts…

I’ve been thinking about how often Jesus lived his life around crowds, gave himself to his disciples, and poured out his teaching to all who would hear. He opened his arms to children,… Continue reading

Mama Vao Vao

I’ve recently left my upstairs art studio to find a new one outside among my neighbors. The women around me are artisans creating curtains and tablecloths using traditional sewing techniques passed down from… Continue reading

Hope for the Mess…

Almost 9 months ago we came back to the United States after living for 3 years on foreign soil. Perhaps it’s true for you too, but the journey I’m on gives me ample… Continue reading

Somewhere…Stuck In The Middle

Transition from one culture to another brings with it new ways of living. For 3 years we haven’t had a car and suddenly we’re flying down the interstate at 70 miles an hour.… Continue reading

They Will Continue…

When I was told about the strategy of TIMO I went through a process of responses. I liked the non-imposing style of entering a rural community to live and learn the language and… Continue reading

When Flies Persist…

I had fallen. The wound was gaping and spilling blood across the floor. I needed a doctor. I chose to clean it, wrap it and wait it out. A month passed…it oozed. It… Continue reading

The long journey…and where will the baby be born?

Where did October go…and November? We traveled…and traveled…5 airplanes one-way, 6 taxi buses, a few trams; across the continent of Africa, over the Atlantic Ocean and south to the Dominican Republic. We spent… Continue reading

Going Public

We woke up last Sunday with anticipation for the day. A feeling inside that can be described as a ‘stirring deep within’…God was up to something…heart related…we could all sense it. Kids, we’re… Continue reading

What do you treasure?

Foreign culture has the ability to put the missionary at their wits end…transforming personalities, and leaving missionary parents grasping for a reason to delight in their children. On the flip side, foreign culture… Continue reading


For what do you toil after? My neighbors toil up to their knees in mud, head high in corn stalks and swamped by thick rice fields. How do they toil? With grace in… Continue reading

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