Pray for Madagascar

Our friends in Nosy Be, and in Madagascar in general, are suffering. The pandemic has intensified the economic problems of the country by killing the tourism industry. There has been increased government overreach and corruption. The rich, fertile coastlines are being overfished illegally by Chinese and Japanese boats. Now they are in the middle of cyclone season, with a big one on the way after catastrophic flooding in the previous weeks.

Cyclone tracker

I receive text messages almost daily from friends back in Nosy Be. These specific people are hardworking, intelligent, resourceful, wonderful people. They do more with less than most of you can imagine. But after two years of economic destruction, they are whipped. Suffering. Hurting. Sick. Scared.

We are thankful for those of you who have partnered with us in ministry over the years, and we are thankful that, because of you, there are funds available in our project account to help out. Being able to give our brothers and sisters in the Nosy Be church assistance during this time is a blessing… for them and for all of us. And it is amazing that, despite everything that has happened there the past two years, the church is growing! Malagasy missionaries Jean, Noel, and Melias are working hard, and continue to plow new ground on the island. Rosina, our incredible leader and friend, is faithfully encouraging and teaching the leaders. And God is continuing to use His people to accomplish His purposes.

Please pray for the situation in Madagascar.