Our Last Days in Madagascar

We are starting to think that Madagascar does not want us to leave! We have been planning to leave the country on April 1, but this past Saturday the President of Madagascar gave a nationally televised address about the state of COVID-19 across the country. In his statement, he declared that the only international airport in the country that has been open (Nosy Be) will be closed from March 27. The virus is beginning to spread across the island, and there is evidence of the South African variant here. They are closing the country, and we are not sure when they will open it again. The President said 15 days, but he also said that last year, and 15 days turned into 5 months. So we quickly called the airline and, thankfully, changed our flight to March 25. So now we are leaving in 3 days!

The Mama Vao Vao Boutique is almost finished!

We have moved out of our house, and we are (mostly) packed, so it’s not too much trouble to leave a week early. The hardest part is that we have had to quarantine these past few weeks, so we have not gotten to say proper good-byes to our Malagasy friends and neighbors. It is hard for all of us to not be able to leave the way we want to, by giving a culturally appropriate farewell to the place we have called home for the past eight years. We pray that our Nosy Be family will understand.

Enjoying some amazing sunsets on our last days in Madagascar

We would ask that you please pray for our family during this transition. For safety on the roads and in the air; for good health and clean COVID tests on Tuesday; for quarantine-modified good-byes; for the stress and anxiety that comes with moving 6 people, 1 baby, 1 dog, and 20 pieces of luggage half-way around the world; and, mostly, that we would remember to trust in God and rest in His promises.

Sister vibes