Ministry Update

Here are a few updates from Nosy Be:

  • We now have 6 men who do the teaching and preaching at four locations (two church plants and two “future” church plants. Three of them are local Sakalava believers and the other three are Malagasy missionaries from other parts of the mainland. Since September I have been leading them through the book of Acts, which is one of the few books we have translated into Sakalava. Together we go over that week’s text, and then the 6 of them rotate preaching the same text at the four locations. This is their first time teaching through an entire book of the Bible, and it has been enjoyable to see them improve each week, as well as learn from each other. Please pray for these men: Jean, Lebaba, Noel, Lody, Alexi, and Melias.
  • We are starting work on a new “building” for the Mama Vao Vao small business. I put building in quotations because it will actually be more of an open-air pavilion. This new structure will be a permanent home for Mama Vao Vao, and will be both a boutique to sell their goods to tourists, and a workspace that will keep them dry during the rainy season.
  • Our main church plant in our village of Ambatozavavy keeps growing! Since our family returned in September, almost every week there are new people showing up on Sundays. This is great news, but our temporary space (Rosina’s front porch) has become too small. We are praying about this, and have begun looking at land for a potential permanent space.
The guys working on the sea wall. Behind them is the old Mama Vao Vao pavilion.

As this year comes to a close, please remember us in your end-of-year giving. In addition to giving to our family’s ministry, you can also give towards this new church land/building project.

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Thank you for your faithful partnership

– Bryan