Life in QuaranTana

Hello, Friends… this is the longest we have gone without sending out a blog or update on our website. Since May 8 we have been living in Antananarivo (Tana), the capital city of Madagascar. Since all domestic and international flights have been suspended here, we have not been able to return to Nosy Be. There is a strict lockdown in place, with only essential businesses open until noon, one person from each household allowed to go out, and a mask mandate. We are not able to return to Nosy Be by car since everyone inside the region of the capital is prohibited from leaving the area (most of the Covid-19 cases are here).

Our flight from Nosy Be to Tana was with missionary airline MAF

On June 17 we welcomed our baby girl, Ivy Gray McReynolds, into the world. She is a good, good blessing from our Father in Heaven, and we praise Him for her life. We are also thankful to Rebe’s midwife, Tanja Hock, and her entire hospital staff, for the excellent care our family has received. There was a minor complication after the birth, and knowing that Tanja was there to take care of everything made our decision to fly to Tana worthwhile. Thank you so much to everyone who prayed for us during this difficult time; in all truthfullness, we could feel your prayers over us.

Rebe and Tanja with brand-new Ivy Gray

We continue to communicate and work with our church family in Nosy Be. The local economy has been devastated by the pandemic, since almost everyone relies on the tourism industry. Many people in our villages are suffering, and there doesn’t seem to be an end in sight yet. Through donations from many of you, the church has been able to deliver food relief packets to households in 4 villages. These gifts of food and toiletries have been received with gladness and gratitude. Since the church is not able to meet right now due to lockdown restrictions, they are having small-group Bible studies in several people’s homes throughout the week. We have received reports that theses Bible studies are growing with people who have received food relief. Praise God! If you want to contribute to the food relief campaign, click here.

Members of the church in Nosy Be praying with a family after delivering a relief packet

Our family is doing well in the midst of this 4+ month quarantine. Each of us has good days and bad days, but we are thankful for having a nice house here, with a big and beautiful yard to exercise in. The kids want to return to Nosy Be and reunite with their friends, but we have no idea when that will be. They start online school at the end of August, so we are hoping to be back by then. And a bright spot for us has been being able to worship with our home church, All Saints, every Sunday evening during this lockdown.

Once again, we want to thank all of you who support our family’s ministry here in Madagascar. Even during this pandemic, amazing things are happening in Nosy Be. The church continues to grow, more Sakalava disciples are being made, and the love and mercy of God is being proclaimed in tangible ways. Thanks for being part of it!