Update April 2020

Hello friends, and greetings from Madagascar. We are on day 9 of our self-imposed quarantine, and want to let those of you who pray for us how you can best do that.


Madagascar has closed the border as of now, and there are no domestic flights either. We had planned on going to the capital in early May for the birth of our 5th child due June 14. We are fine right now, so far no confirmed cases of Covid-19 on our island of Nosy Be, but that could change any moment. Currently, there are 50+ cases in the country, and most all in the capital. So we are just waiting… hoping that travel restrictions will ease by May. Otherwise, we are looking at Rebe delivering at home with questionable care and no hospital access if something goes wrong.

We are doing well, having good days and bad days, as I’m sure everyone is. There is plenty of food available on the island, people’s rice harvest is coming in, and the net-fishing season opened today. The USA embassy is in contact with us, and we declined a possible flight back to the states (too stressful).

We continue to pray for every one of our friends and family during this unique time, and we know that we have a God who comes near to those in pain, those in distress, those with fear and worry. He doesn’t promise us ease in this life, but He does promise us Himself, and that is sufficient for us all.

– Bryan