And One More Thing…

Tomorrow we will hop on a plane and begin our journey to the USA. We have (mostly) packed our bags; we have said good-byes to many friends and neighbors; we have finished up, or handed off our ministry responsibilities; and we have entered into that strange “between worlds” phase of missionary transition. Things are about to get weird for us. Example: Last Sunday we had a communion service on our friend’s porch with people sitting on grass mats, and this Sunday we will go to a communion service at Westminster Abbey in London.


The kids and their friends celebrating their last few days together for awhile

Before we fly out of this beautiful, difficult, dark, amazing place, here are some things that have happened recently:

  • Mama Vao Vao has been handed over to the local women. Rebe and her leadership team of Mama Vao Vao have finished a long process of transitioning Rebe out of the day-to-day running of the business. This is a big step for all involved, and we are confident that this will be an important time of growth and development for the local leaders of MVV. Rebe will still be involved from the USA, and she is bringing many of their products to sell during our time in the states.
  • Camden and I have completed a first-draft translation of the Jesus Storybook Bible by Sally Lloyd-Jones. All 44 stories are now being told in the heart language of the Sakalava, and I am very proud of Camden as he persevered through this long, tiring process. We also received help from Rosina, Blandine, and Melias when Sally got a little too descriptive in her language and we didn’t know how to convey her meaning in Sakalava (the early morning sun slanted through the ancient olive trees, drops of dew glittering on leaves and grasses, little tears everywhere)!!
  • Our first Malagasy Missionary Training finished in May. It was a 5 month course designed to train and equip Malagasy Missionaries to share their faith in hard to reach parts of the country. My friend, Melias, and I created the curriculum, and the 3 students that were a part of this first class participated in classroom discussions and practical field work.
  • It’s not only our family that is wrapping up this week, but our friends the Wileys as well. They have completed their 1 year assignment, and are off to Nashville, where Whitney will teach 9th grade Literature, and Caleb will work in the music business (I heard it’s decent there). Caleb finished production on a 14 song album of Sakalava songs created by Ladis and the guys (Groupe Tsinfitaka). You can find it on Spotify, BandCamp, and iTunes (R.I.P.). Here are the links:

Name your price to buy the album (all profits go right back into the Sakalava ministry): BandCamp

Check the music out on: Spotify

Finally, I will leave you with this video that Caleb put together. The song is Velogno Jeso (Jesus Lives) and the video is from our Easter service in April:

Blessings friends!

– Bryan