In just a few short weeks we will once again leave Nosy Be, our home for the past 6 years, and make our way back to the USA. There is excitement, anxiety, joy, and sadness. Our plan, Lord willing, is to be in the states for 7 months or so, and then return to Madagascar for two-and-a-half years. That would put us back in the states in time to see Camden off to college. Transition is a constant in the life of our family, always moving in and out of different cultures, languages, world-views, and values. We talk, pray, and plan as best we can for these transitions, but we also understand that God is sovereign, and His will is the one that will ultimately be done in our lives.

nature sky sunset the mountains

And so we are set to begin this next adventure, one where we will see old friends, family, and ministry supporters. We will live in many different houses, apartments, and hotels. We will hear from a distance what God does in Nosy Be while we are away. We will show our kids amazing things all across America, like the Smithsonian, the Rocky Mountains, and a waffle (with bacon on the side) from Magnolia Cafe. We will have the privilege of sharing with many people the stories of God’s grace and mercy that He has shown to the Sakalava of Madagascar. We will get to hear the stories of God’s grace and mercy that He has shown to all of you in the states. And we will look to the East every morning, to the rising sun, and remember that God is the one who allows all of this to be possible… and we will glorify Him and enjoy His presence.

We hope to see all of you during our time in the USA. We will be on both coasts and many places in between during the next 7 months, so please reach out to us. We would love to see everyone who keeps up with our family!

– Bryan


Easter Sunday with both church plants together for worship

Mama VaoVao April9.1

We received a visit from Al and Kathleen Fenoy last month, and they surprised the ladies of Mama Vao Vao with 2 sewing machines!