Meet the New Boss

A few months have gone by since our last post, and we are going to “catch you up” with everything that has been happening with the McReynolds in Nosy Be. The plan is to post something each week for the next several weeks, so this is a great time to sign up (on the right hand side of the page) if you haven’t yet…

One big change for us: we have a new leader for MTW Africa, Victor Nakah. Victor and his wife, Nosizo, are from Zimbabwe and have 2 adult daughters. Victor is a Presbyterian pastor, and has years of experience teaching and leading in seminaries across Africa. Before accepting his new position, he was the senior vice-president for spiritual ministry for CURE International. Most importantly, Victor and Nosizo love Jesus and want to see His name glorified throughout Africa.


Group photo from a recent MTW Africa retreat where we were able to spend time with Victor; unfortunately Nosizo was not able to join us for health reasons.

Rebe and I are thrilled to have Victor as our new MTW Africa International Director. The main reason we went to Madagascar was to have a chance to work together with African Nationals, and now we are able to do that within our MTW structures. This is also a bold, new step for MTW as an organization; and we are proud of our leadership’s vision to walk through new doors as we integrate ourselves into the reality of missions in the 21st century… a reality in which missionaries are increasingly working with other Christians from around the globe.

Victor and Nosizo’s MTW Profile

Since the role Victor and Nosizo have accepted is a missionary role, they are traveling around the states for several months this year recruiting prayer and financial partners for their ministry. They have met with many churches and individuals, but they are still in need of a large portion of their MTW budget. Another thing they are doing on their visits to PCA-land is sharing the vision for MTW Africa, and what it will take to get there. If any of this sounds interesting to you, please get in touch with me and I will help get Victor and Nosizo to you, your small group, your missions committee, or your church. This is important for MTW Africa and you will not be disappointed spending some time with these amazing people!

– Bryan