Christmas Island

We have been in Madagascar since 2013 – and in Southern Africa overall since 2005 – and December still takes us by surprise. Right now on our little island it is 87 degrees Fahrenheit… in our house… at 8:30am. We don’t huddle around the fireplace in the evening, we huddle around the fan. Really though, a Southern Hemisphere December is still foreign only to Rebe and me; the kids see it as normal and a chance to jump in the ocean everyday. So the Christmas season becomes one more thing that our family must prune; we have to remove much of the American cultural traditions because they no longer make sense where we live, a small fishing village in Madagascar. And cutting things back is work, and it can be messy, and it can hurt, and it can leave scars. But it is also such a blessing because we are forced to find the essentials of the season; the non-negotiables; the things that matter. We are left with Christ, the God/Man who came to earth as a helpless baby, born into a poor Jewish family in a backwater village on the fringe of the Roman Empire. He came for the poor, the sick, the downcast; the ones that hurt, grieve, hunger, pine, thirst, and seek. He came for the people in this tiny fishing village in the middle of the Indian Ocean. And He is coming again in glory. That hope can never be cut back; it will continue to grow and thrive. And it is in that hope that we can all celebrate this season, no matter where we’re from… “Happy Advent” from Nosy Be, Madagascar.


The Women of Mama Vao Vao

We are grateful that we can be a part of God’s work here in our corner of Madagascar. This year many exciting things happened, including the start of Mama Vao Vao, the art and design company that Rebe and some of the village women started in August. And this Sunday, 3 adults and several children will be baptized as our group of new Sakalava believers continues to grow. Our role in these ministries is made possible in large part by the partnerships we have with both individuals and churches across America. To all of our supporters we want to say thank you for another year of partnership in ministry. And for those of you looking to make a year-end gift to our ministry, here are the ways to give:

  • By credit card or electronic check, follow this link: McReynolds Family
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– Bryan