The Studio is Open for Business

We have a recording studio in the village now. It has walls and a roof, and it is stocked with instruments and microphones and digital recording equipment. What started as a friendship between our family and a few guitar-playing young guys in the village has grown into a ministry and business partnership. We thank God for this opportunity to share His word with the Sakalava people in their own unique language and music. We also want to thank The Virginia Martin Howard Foundation as well as the MTW Ambassadors for partnering with us and funding The Sakalava Music Project.

The Sakalava Music Project:

  • Creating Sakalava worship music and story songs straight from scripture
  • Reaching the island with God’s word
  • Engaging the culture with music and art



Ladis setting up the mic stand… the studio blocks out most of the village noise when we close the window and door, but we still get interrupted occasionally by a noisy chicken or falling mango.


Ladis in the captain’s chair… Right now I am doing all of the recording and mixing, but I am teaching Ladis as well. The hope is that he and the rest of the guys can run the studio on their own. We have already been asked by several people if they can record songs at our studio, and we are busy making plans for services we can offer and prices.


Zaza on the front porch of the studio… We added covered awning on top to make it slightly cooler inside the studio, and as an added benefit we have a nice place to sit and relax on the roof


Ladis preparing for a vocal track… There are no stores in Madagascar that sell acoustic panels so we made our own. The geometric panels behind and above Ladis are made of a local type of palm and do a decent job of absorbing the echo in the room and improving the sound.


A few of the guys listening to the latest mix… an added benefit to the studio is that it has become a hangout for many young guys in the village, and we are able to share with them the songs we are making and the meaning behind them.


We look forward to sharing with you the music that is created in our new studio…

– Bryan


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