Some Prayer Points and Malagasy History

Here are a few interesting facts about Madagascar:

  • Madagascar is a little smaller than Texas
  • Nosy Be (124 square miles) is about half the size of Austin, Texas (270 square miles)
  • Madagascar has many different environments, but can generally be divided into the interior highlands and the coastal lowlands. Antananarivo, the capital of Madagascar, is located in the highlands and is the home of the Merina, who became the dominant tribe of Madagascar in the 1800s. The Sakalava tribe is found all along the western coast and fought with the Merina for years for domination of Western Madagascar
  • For some years in the early 1800s the London Missionary Society placed missionaries in Antananarivo. They were able to print a translation of the Bible into the Merina language before being forced out by Queen Ranavalona in the 1830s, who subsequently persecuted the remaining Malagasy Christians. The Sakalava, who partnered with the French to battle the Merina kingdom, are still waiting for the Bible to be translated into their language.

Bottles of “rhum arrange” in the sun with a Zebu cart cleaning the beach

Prayer Requests:

  • We will finally begin using our recording studio this month to record new worship songs in the Sakalava language. Please pray for this ministry; that the music would faithfully represent God’s word and be a powerful testimony of His truth and grace here in Madagascar. And pray that the business side of this venture would attract clients, and that Bryan and the guys working with him in the studio would quickly learn the basics of running a recording studio. Also, we are still waiting for the electric company to install electricity to the studio, so please pray that it would happen quickly (we are running a long cable to a friend’s house for the time being).
  • Rebe is in South Africa for a missionary women’s retreat. Please pray for her time of rest and renewal there, and pray for her as she leads the worship time at the retreat.
  • Our team of 4 couples that we sent to Tana for a 2 month Bible training are continuing to meet together for prayer and encouragement. Please pray for them as they continue to grow in their knowledge of God, and as they begin to lead and instruct other new believers.
  • A friend of ours who is pregnant contracted a severe case of Typhoid fever recently… she has since recovered, and we are thankful for all of you who prayed for her. Please continue to pray for Nataly and her baby, who is due in September.
  • Bryan has begun meeting regularly with 3 guys (17-19 years old) who attend school in Hell-ville for Bible study, prayer, and fellowship. They all attend the Catholic Church in town and are eager to know more about God and the Bible (which they do not get in the highly syncretistic Malagasy Catholic Church). Please pray for Franklin, Rivaldao, and Thega, and for this time that Bryan has with them each week.

Keely on her 8th Birthday

Please remember that Rebe posts pics and videos of our family and Madagascar on her Facebook page (Rebe Gray McReynolds). And Camden has started his own blog where he writes stories and shares videos of his adventures. You can go to his homepage MADACAM  and sign up for his blog.

Thanks for your partnership with us in Madagascar

– Bryan