The Latest From the McReynolds

The kids and I have survived two and a half weeks without Rebe, although at times it has felt like 2 and a half months. Lord willing, we will see her beautiful face again on Saturday afternoon. Not only have the kids missed their mother, but they have also had sicknesses of various kinds since she left. From conjunctivitis to fevers, when one finally recovers another goes down with something. Camden is the only one that has stayed healthy, and I am so thankful because he has been a huge help to me. He has babysat his brother, picked  up his sick sisters’ chores, and even made dinner once or twice. And we have had plenty of fun as well during this time away from mom. We even made a new official holiday (“Half-Way Day”) which marks the half-way point when any parent is away on a trip… the date for Half-Way Day changes from year to year but fell on November 8th this year (nothing else really happens on that date anyway). We spent Half-Way Day at a nice resort on the other side of the island swimming, shell-collecting, and playing ping-pong.


Keely enjoying the inaugural Half-Way Day

In the midst of the longest two and a half weeks ever, progress continues to be made on the recording studio. We had many discussions about how to build the roof… we switched from grass (too dusty) to corrugated iron (too loud during the rain) to concrete. Once that was decided we had to buy a few more bags of cement. There is no need to buy sand or gravel because they just send someone with an ox-cart to the beach for the sand and down the road a bit are some workers that break down boulders into concrete gravel with a chisel and hammer. It’s old-school here.


Ladys walking on the newly completed concrete roof

They have recently finished the veranda and installed the front door. After a little more cement work, a back window, and some paint, the only thing left will be getting the electricity to the studio… which will be an adventure on it’s own.


Cipra preparing the iron for the concrete veranda


Ladys’ son Joavany


Hudson being very careful on the new roof


Checking out the forms for the concrete veranda


Getting close to the finished product

– Bryan