The Timer Is Ticking…

As much as I try to live in every present moment, the looming reality of our departure calls me to look ahead at what is yet to come. From passports and visas, to 3 years of school material for 3 different grades, and which malaria medicines are best for Hudson; the timer is ticking. Our plane tickets have been booked for August 31st.

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While these 9 months have been sweet, our semi-nomadic, out-of-routine lifestyle remains a challenge. We’re looking forward to our return to Nosy Be; to settling into a new house and making it our home. But we’re especially praising God on the most recent news from the island. Ladys, leader of the band, has communicated his desire to become a pastor. This is music to our ears, as we’ve been praying for a Sakalava man to be trained and appointed to such a position in the newly formed Sakalava church.

There are many things to do, but mostly we want to say goodbye well to our church, family and friends. Pray with us:

  1. Pray for Ladys, his heart, and for the work that God is doing in him.
  2. Pray for our family and for all the preparations that must be made before we depart.
  3. Pray for the remaining funds we need
  4. Pray for our final visits to supporting churches and for safe travels in the upcoming few months.
  5. Pray that God would continue to humble our family, and creatively use us to advance His Kingdom in Madagascar.

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– Rebe