The Sakalava Music Project

A big part of what we will be doing when we return to Nosy Be is expanding the Sakalava Music Project. The project was started in 2014 as the band (their actual name is Groupe Tsinfitaka) began creating and recording Sakalava scripture-based music. The project seeks to :

  • Create Sakalava worship music and story songs straight from scripture
  • Reach the island with God’s word
  • Engage the culture with music and art


Part of our time here in the states has been spent raising funds for the project. With additional funding we will be able to:

  • Purchase equipment to create our own recording studio for music as well as scripture. As Rosina and her team continue to translate scripture into Sakalava, we want to have audio versions as well since many Sakalava do not read.
  • Continue to create, record and distribute Sakalava worship music.
  • Purchase a locally made fiberglass boat, which will be used to travel across the island for the gatherings and, Lord willing, future church plants.
  • Travel across Nosy Be and the mainland for concerts and other artistic gatherings

This is a partnership between our sponsors in the states, the missionaries and our sending organizations, and the local people involved, including Rosina and Groupe Tsinfitaka. The desire is to see everything that the Sakalava Music Project produces be a tool for the Sakalava church planting movement currently underway.

We have already seen amazing things happen through this project and we can’t wait to see what the Lord has planned next. Would you join me in praying the the Lord would use this project as a means to expand His Kingdom in Madagascar…

– Bryan