The Lingering Question

We have now had two public gatherings, each in a different village. Ladys and the band continue to create songs from translated Sakalava scripture (They have recently created a story song from Genesis three – The Fall). The plan is to have two gatherings a month, sharing God’s whole story from creation to rebellion, redemption and restoration. People are hearing the gospel in words, songs, stories, and dramas. While progress is being made, one question sits in the back of our minds…

What happens when we leave?


Of course Rosina will remain after the team departs in October of 2015… this is her home, and these are her people. It is hard to imagine what anything would look like here without her leadership, guidance, and friendship. But will all of the relationships, ministries, church planting, and translation fall to her alone?


We are thankful that these questions are beginning to be made clear, and our team (along with AIM leadership) is beginning to make plans for the future. The first task is prayer, and in that we ask for your help.


AIM has relationships with several church denominations in the country, and communications have begun that will likely lead to a Malagasy pastor being sent to Nosy Be as a missionary. The best scenario would see him walking alongside our team for at least six months, building relationships and observing the unique ministry strategies we are using. Please pray for this person and his family, that they have a heart for the Sakalava people, and are the right fit for the community and our team.


Also, plans are being made for another team to come six months to a year after our team leaves. They will work with Rosina and the new pastor, continuing the work that has been started and even reaching other parts of the island. Please pray for this future team, that God would begin preparing their hearts for His work here on the island.


And pray for the Sakalava people and the land of Nosy Be:

Build Your kingdom here.
Let the darkness fear.
Show Your mighty hand.
Heal our streets and land.
Set Your church on fire.
Win this nation back.
Change the atmosphere.
Build Your kingdom here.
We pray.      (Rend Collective)