Give us the boot…

Waiting stateside for ministry placement abroad to come about can be awkward. How so? For more than three years now we have talked about ministry in Africa, waited for God to make clear his path, anxiously looked ahead hoping plans would crystallize. There have been times when I began to think that I did not hear God correctly, the reality of my sin has finally outweighed the reality of my calling (that’s certainly true and affirms the work of the cross…Amen!), and a deceptive voice whispers, “If you are so passionate about ministry in Africa than why don’t you just get over there already?” Satan is a liar and Satan seeks to deceive me at every thought…at every move, but GOD, but my LORD, but my ROCK, but my FORTRESS, but my DELIVER. The battle is the Lord’s, and…in my humble opinion, “awkward” is part of the Christian life.

  • We are almost ready to move to Madagascar! The countdown is for the end of March 2013! Less than 3 months away!
  • We need $1200 more in monthly pledges to be fully funded and to be given the green light for purchasing airline tickets.
  • We are blessed to have a financial support team that consists of 25 different families, friends and churches who are already giving.

Have you considered giving to the McReynolds Family ministry in Africa? If so, now is the time to let us know, make a monthly pledge by contacting us directly so that we can inform our leaders. ( Donate here ) It’s simple.

  • Our calling has been affirmed.
  • You have a relationship with us.
  • Give to our ministry because of what Christ has done for you and…
  • Send us on our way! Give us the boot!

We are excited and blessed to have this opportunity to meet the Sakalava tribe and build bridges to the Gospel where it’s power has not yet been revealed.


Bryan, Rebe, Camden, Myla and Keely McReynolds

Bryan: 512-484-5524

Rebe: 512-592-1234