Austin meets Vancouver…

Rebe and I have recently returned from a visit with Mission To World in Atlanta. We had the opportunity to meet with Jed and Elly Schoepp, a couple from Vancouver going with us to Tanzania.  It was great to get to know them…that is, other than getting into a heated debate over the benefits of using “ya’ll” over “you guys.”

Jed, Elly, Bryan & Rebe after a late night of talking life in Tanzania...

Actually, our time with new friends and co-ministers of the Gospel was sweet and encouraging…a highlight of our trip.  Jed and I sat up late into the night considering questions such as:

So if we’re learning the language, culture and daily life of the Nyamwezi people, at what point do we actually present the Gospel message with words?

This is a question that needs to be wrestled with and one that is practical and exciting to think through carefully.

My brother Jed is working on his PCA ordination; he brings with him gifts and abilities where I am weak and vice versa.  While Elly and Rebe listened and had wisdom to add to these discussions their questions often went in these directions:

What will it look like for us to raise children with no running water and no electricity?  How will we go about preparing food for the day to keep their bellies full?  What will clean children and a clean home look like in rural Tanzania?  What will the walk to the well look like for us?  What about malaria prevention?

There are many interesting questions that we are asking ourselves during these days before our departure and it feels extremely challenging to think of going outside our comfort zones to share in what God is doing in a small village of Tanzania that has yet to be ministered to by God’s saving message of truth that we have in our savior, Jesus Christ.

In His Service, Bryan