Merry Christmas…

Merry Christmas everyone…may our Lord give you rest, joy and peace as you celebrate his birth…

We visited with a Ugandan couple who is interested in joining our team...please pray for them...

I’ve just returned from a 10-day trip to Uganda and Tanzania. The first few days were spent at MTW’s Africa Leadership Conference. The conference included partners from Zimbabwe and Kenya and it was good to get to know better the brothers with whom we serve the Lord.
Following the conference, John Shane and I took a trip northeast to Arusha, Tanzania where we visited the TIMO headquarters. There we met TIMO leadership and began discussing where the first MTW TIMO team will be placed. They mentioned their desire to place a team among the Nyamwezi people and so we began mapping out the direction we would head to begin forming relationships and acceptance in the communities. We loaded up a Cessna 210 and flew from the foot of Mount Kilimanjaro two hours southwest to Tabora where we then rented a vehicle and began a couple hours drive West. That day travelling west we found a mix of both Nyamwezi and Secuma people and our goal was to find an area where there is mostly a pure Nyamwezi group in order for the team to focus on one language and culture. The second day of our journey we went south and found potential locations for a team. The Nyamwezi are the third largest people group in Tanzania with a population of around 1.6 million. Most of the people in the area we visited are farmers, growing tobacco to sale at local markets and growing fruits and vegetables for their families.
We are encouraged by this trip and seek our Father’s plans as we humbly join in his kingdom mission…

Please Pray in these ways:
1. That God would give discernment about the potential location in Tanzania
2. Pray for the Nyamwezi people
3. Pray for our team and that each member will be given humble-boldness in Christ as we take steps forward.
4. That the team will come together by the end of January


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