A Learner’s Approach

Does a “learner’s approach” apply in every area of our lives?

As I take steps forward in my role as an individual, wife, mother, daughter, teacher and friend I am “getting” the impression that perhaps in every moment…life presents the opportunity for me to be a humble learner of the world around me…relationships, dynamics, development, environment…

Is a teacher also a learner?

We are reading, absorbing and gathering information that is growing our knowledge of what homeschooling requires.  Last year we worked through the beginning of what you might call an organized school year.  Now we are moving on to first grade with our son, Camden,and fleshing out what is essential for his curriculum.  No matter what stage of preparation or presentation that I am in the process I am continually receiving new information that demands time and listening ears to grow in my awareness of the stage of development our children are in, while at the same time researching, studying and preparing for my role as a “teacher-learner” over the course of the year at home.

In an interview I conducted this summer with Lois Ooms, a Christian educator with over 35 years of experience in ministry both stateside and abroad, I learned above all else we are called to minister the Gospel through relationship by listening, walking and living with people while identifying their unique gifts so that we can equip and empower them based on their culture and context.  She says “When I prepare to teach in various cultural settings I am not in control of the whole process.  I lay some groundwork so that when I ask the questions they have the knowledge.  It’s like a football pitch…I am in control of it…I set rules and boundaries but inside the boundaries you decide how you want to play.”

How does a “learner’s approach” challenge the way I operate in my day-to-day life?

How did Jesus engage his learner’s?  Did he ask them questions? What were his responses to their questions?