Family News

It has been a hot summer here in St Louis, but we have enjoyed getting to know this city and the people who live here.  Camden recently finished up his first year of baseball in the Redbird Rookies League, a Cardinal’s inner-city initiative.  It was great getting to know his teammates and their parents, and they all get to go to a Cardinal’s game next week!

Also, Rebe and I have been invited to speak at MTW’s Global Missions Conference this November in Chattanooga, Tennessee.  Here is a short description of what we will be speaking on:

Intentional Incarnational Ministry – An MTW/TIMO partnership in Africa:

What does it look like to model Jesus’ incarnational ministry in a 21st Century African context?  How are we to be His agents of cross-cultural Kingdom proclamation?  These are some of the questions we must wrestle with in the modern missions movement.  With this in mind, Mission to the World will be partnering with TIMO (Training in Ministry Outreach) and adapting their model of training future missionaries in the area of cross cultural ministry while actually working with an unchurched people group.  Our desire is for the team to develop a vision and passion for long-term service in Africa and, Lord willing, the seeds of a church to be planted that is Christ-centered in its worship and African in its culture.