Moving Forward

We are looking for individuals and families to join us for a two-year commitment as we learn together how to live and share our faith cross-culturally in a way that honors African culture and gives dignity to the people to whom we are called.  We will be partnering with TIMO (Training in Ministry Outreach) and adapting their model of training future missionaries in the area of cross cultural ministry while actually working with an unchurched people group.  Our desire is for the team to develop a vision and passion for long-term service in Africa and, Lord willing, the seeds of a church to be planted that is Christ-centered in its worship and African in its culture.  We will not be coming to Africa with all of the answers, but instead we will have the humble posture of learners, seeking to build on the areas of truth and grace already present in the community which point to the Kingdom of God.  Get in contact with us if this sounds like you or someone you know